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The HiFi Bitcoin Letters
Letter #207: Bitcoin Is Better Than “Gold 2.0”

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Letter #207: Bitcoin Is Better Than “Gold 2.0”

Read now to learn how thinking of Bitcoin as nothing more than a better version of gold misses so much of Bitcoin's true potential.

Dear Readers,

As the community behind Bitcoin has grown and matured over the years, users have increasingly understood Bitcoin’s superior monetary qualities. Bitcoin is monetizing before our very eyes, having started out as an obscure collectible held by a handful of cypherpunks, and having now developed into a monetary good that stores the savings of millions of people around the world.

Money, of course, does more than just store value — it also facilitates transactions and accounts for the value of goods and services. However, while stories abound about Bitcoin being used in transactions within hyperinflationary markets and being used to price goods throughout the “Crypto” space, many readers will agree that storing value seems to be the primary use case for Bitcoin at this stage in its journey of monetization.

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