Oct 22, 2021

Letter #53: Back To The Futures - The U.S. Bitcoin ETF

Read now to learn why Bitcoin's recent ETF launch was years in the making.

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Joshua Guest
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Dear Readers,

From its earliest days, a variety of people (and their numbers are growing) have hitched their fortunes to that of Bitcoin by buying it and investing in businesses that deal in it. It would be hard to argue that it hasn’t been rewarding for those people. After all, Bitcoin’s value has exploded and the number of Bitcoin unicorns, or businesses with a market cap of over $1 billion USD, has risen proportionately.

For the average person however, one of the only ways to engage with Bitcoin for most of its existence has been buying it directly. Most people haven’t engaged with proxy funds like Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) since it typically only trades at over the counter venues. Hedge funds, venture capitalists, and investment banks meanwhile are commonly the only groups who get access to early stage investment rounds at crypto companies. On the whole, investing in Bitcoin outside of direct purchases has been rather exclusionary. That has now changed and the market will never look back.

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