Oct 26, 2021 • 5M

Letter #54: Walmart Sells Bitcoin…This Time The Rumors Are True!

Read now to learn how Walmart is managing sales of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency!

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Dear Readers,

In an interesting turn of events, retail mega giant Walmart has rolled out the ability for its customers to easily purchase Bitcoin as part of their shopping experience. Interesting, but unsurprising. Many of you will remember the following comment I made just a month ago while addressing the fake news surrounding Walmart’s supposed partnership with the Litecoin foundation:

While this week’s cryptocurrency announcement from Walmart turned out to be fake, a real announcement from the company regarding incorporating Bitcoin and cryptocurrency might be closer than we think.

Even I couldn’t have foreseen being proven right so soon thereafter though.

That said, Walmart’s acceptance of Bitcoin makes a lot of sense. People are clamoring for access to Bitcoin. The success of the new Bitcoin ETFs released last week is proof of that. And Walmart is aptly positioned to help fulfill that demand, with over 11,000 locations around the world, nearly 5,000 of which are in the United States. Walmart has turned up the dial on hyper-bitcoinization, and both it and its customers will reap the rewards.

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